While Seattle is famous for its coffee and London still reaches for that cup of tea, both cities can agree on one thing:  innovative tech businesses have landed in both cities and changed the ecosystem forever.  

From a company that is developing AI cancer diagnostics to help doctors radically improve patient outcomes, to a business that is on a mission to democratise robotics – disruptive tech start-ups from the UK will touch down in Seattle next week to answer the question: how do I make impact in the U.S? 

The 10 British companies were handpicked and invited personally by some of international tech’s biggest investors and experts who have already successfully scaled businesses in the US and internationally. 

Over the course of two days (October 3 – 4), and as part of the Mayor’s International Business Programme (MIBP), the start-ups will get an exclusive insight into what it takes to be a success across areas such as fundraising, marketing and mentorship, as well as advice on how to embrace America’s “nothing is impossible” attitude. 

The Disruptive Tech Mission organised by London & Partners (the Mayor of London’s international promotional agency) will join Greater Seattle Partners for networking, workshops and events in collaboration. 

Many of Seattle’s tech giants have major footprints in London, from Microsoft to Amazon to Expedia, as well as a number of high-growth companies looking to scale their business in Europe.  

37 Seattle-based companies have set up in London in the past ten years, creating a total of 5,871 jobs for the city’s economy. The largest number of FDI projects was in 2017, with 11 projects investing that year. *   

Since the start of 2014, London has attracted more US FDI than any other European city, accounting for almost 16% of all US projects landing in Western Europe – nearly 3 times as many US FDI projects as second place Paris.   

London is also the largest recipient of US FDI globally since the start of 2014 – with 1,116 projects, significantly more than second place Singapore with 627 projects, according to fDi Markets. Almost 30% (315) of these investment projects into London were tech projects.   

Several large US tech brands such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Amazon have recently made long term investments into London.   

The ten British companies taking part in the Seattle portion of the trip include: 

·        Automata 

·        Chargifi 

·        GeckoEngage 

·        Kheiron Medical  

·        Nurole 

·        Precursive 

·        Shepper 

·        Speechmatics 

·        The ID co. 

·        Fiftyfiveandfive (based in Seattle) 

Penny Harwood, SVP, Business Development at London & Partners said: 

“We are delighted to be welcoming London’s leading fast-growth scaleups to Seattle. The West Coast is home to two of the world’s leading centres for innovation and disruption, and the birthplace of some of the most impactful global technology companies. 

“The exceptional start-ups on this trip are emboldened with drive to innovate, take risks and change the world, and are part of a hyper-connected eco-system; the culture and spirit of which is part of the special DNA in the region. There is great kinship between London and andSeattle in the respective cities’ openness, energy, vibrancy, ideas, collaboration and exceptional talent. We look forward to new ideas being conceived” 

The Seattle program follows an initial start in San Francisco (September 30 – October 2) for 3 days organised in collaboration with GBX, the private network for British ex-pats and executives living in the Bay area.  

The California program is a precursor to the Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) Summit set to take place in London, Oxford and Cambridge from 18-20 November.  Now in its 13th year and originally cofounded by Reid Hoffman, Sherry Coutu and Arlen Levy, SVC2UK brings together some of the world’s best entrepreneurial talent from UK and Silicon Valley to discuss issues that will change the world.   

For more information on the Mayor’s International Business Programme, visit gotogrow.london 


Media contact:  

Theresa Pugh, Senior Communications Manager, Business, London & Partners 

Tel: +44 (0) 7920 759014 

[email protected]   

Notes to editors:  

*fDi Markets, a service from The Financial Times Limited 2019. 

London & Partners  

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