The Economic Recovery Framework identifies specific initiatives that are measurable, evidence-based, focused on equity, regional in scope and backed by engaged public and private sector leaders.
Seattle, Wash. (June 2, 2021) – Greater Seattle Partners (GSP) in coordination with 200 regional community leaders in academia, business, government and not-for-profit from Snohomish, King and Pierce counties today announced the launch of a new regional economic recovery framework to accelerate recovery from Covid-19 and build a more resilient, equitable and inclusive economy.

Chaired by former Governor Gary Locke, Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards, and Betsy Cadwallader, Market President for US Bank, the “Partners for Prosperity” Task Force assembled a portfolio of initiatives and metrics focused on: improving the quality and diversity of jobs in key sectors – developing diverse talent – creating more good jobs and successful BIPOC-and women-owned firms – and connecting people to jobs by reducing geographical barriers. By closing racial disparities in employment and income, Greater Seattle has the potential to grow its regional GDP by more than $30 billion per year. 

“While it is true our economy was growing before Covid-19, it did not work for everyone,” said Gary Locke, interim president of Bellevue College. “Huge barriers to prosperity, especially for women and people of color, limited our potential. Inclusion is a massive growth opportunity for Greater Seattle, and this Framework is an excellent guide for tapping into this potential.”

“We know that greater access to quality jobs, capital, education, childcare, transportation, affordable housing, and workforce training will fundamentally change an individual’s potential to earn a living wage, take care of their loved ones, grow a business, and invest in their community,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “But these opportunities remain out of reach for many. Thank you to the Task Force for their time and commitment in developing key initiatives that can unleash the potential of those who have been most systematically excluded.”

“When we became ground zero for Covid-19, we knew the economy that would emerge after the crisis would not be the same as before. It was imperative that we worked together as one region to develop a plan to capture stimulus funding and accelerate recovery,” said Brian McGowan, chief executive officer of Greater Seattle Partners. “Our region has many public and private resources that provide access to opportunity, but they need to be better funded, integrated and scaled, and that is what this Economic Recovery Framework is designed to do.”    



The work of the Task Force proceeded in two phases. From May through November, Task Force members reviewed initial data on the impact of Covid and provided input through individual interviews and small group meetings. These informed a survey that presented five strategic themes and thirty draft strategies. Subsequent meetings and interviews generated a set of over 150 specific “opportunities for action” related to these strategies. The outcomes of this phase served as the raw material for the development of this framework. From December through April the Task Force broke into four Work Groups and focused on three tasks: arriving at a shared understanding of the size and scope of the problem, developing a set of metrics to guide initiative selection, and then assembling a portfolio of 10 specific, measurable initiatives that are best-positioned to move the needle on those metrics.


Partners for Prosperity is a group of private, public sector and non-profit organizations who are committed to identifying and addressing barriers to economic prosperity in our region and throughout our communities. The goal is for all stakeholders from across the region to be able to see themselves in our work. Partners for Prosperity will continue to work with our diverse communities to identify aspirational, innovative and transformational strategies that are unique opportunities for our region. For inquiries about Partners for Prosperity or the Economic Recovery Framework please contact Greater Seattle Partners at [email protected] or 206.389.8650.


Greater Seattle Partners (GSP) is a public-private partnership that leads regional economic development through global business attraction, site selection and investment and trade opportunities in the greater Seattle region. GSP collaborates with community and economic development partners to ensure that every person in the Puget Sound region has the opportunity to prosper. We strive to attract and retain quality family/living wage jobs across all communities of the region. Throughout the world we tell the story of our talent, pioneering spirit, unique communities, and quality of life. For more information visit


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