The region’s diverse industry base and global connectivity grew exports during first half of 2021.

Seattle, Wash. (Sept 1, 2021) – The Greater Seattle region saw an increase in exports of goods during the first half of the year (January – June 2021) through its four major ports despite global supply chain challenges and a persistent global pandemic. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Port of Everett, Port of Seattle, and Port of Tacoma collectively marked an increase in exports by dollar value of 17.3 percent, or a growth of $2.7 billion, compared to the same period last year.

Greater Seattle’s total dollar value of exports of goods over the last decade grew steadily through 2015, then experienced a steady decline in export dollar value over the last five years with a dramatic dip in 2020 as COVID-19 disrupted trade. The first half of this year has seen a reversal of that trend with double-digit growth of exports to a total of 188 countries and territories.

Leading commodity categories for exports through Greater Seattle for the first half of 2021 include: Aircraft, Spacecraft, Parts of Aircraft and Spacecraft, Electric and Industrial Machinery, Agricultural Products, Medical Equipment, and Pharmaceutical Products. Exports to China for the first half of 2021 continue to lead all other destinations by dollar value. Greater Seattle has marked an increase of exports to China for the first half of this year of 25.4 percent or $741.9 million in growth.

“Greater Seattle is registering an ascent after export value declines and then ongoing global trade headwinds created by Covid-19. This rise is thanks to our diverse industry clusters, innovation ecosystem, and the incredible work of our regional partners and front-line workers at our ports and airports,” said Josh Davis, vice president of global trade and investment at Greater Seattle Partners. “Continuing success with global trade not only grows our capacity for innovation, it sustains and creates new jobs and attracts foreign direct investment to our region.”

Greater Seattle Top Export Destinations YTD 2021

Destination CountryExport Value In U.S. Dollars ($)% Change YTD ’20-’21 (June)
China 3,662,595,25225.4
Japan 2,136,551,431-13.6
Korea 1,289,431,34228
United Kingdom 1,137,543,95929.5
Taiwan 957,726,66053.2
Canada 889,579,50720.9
Netherlands 759,278,42287.8
Germany 627,775,36737.7
Malaysia 550,649,53313
Vietnam 459,039,398-14.2
Source: WiserTrade; US Census Bureau

Greater Seattle Top Export Categories YTD 2021

Commodity CategoryExport Value In U.S. Dollars ($)% Change YTD ’20-’21 (JUNE)
Aircraft, Spacecraft, Parts Thereof 5,145,803,77730.6
Electric Machinery, Sound Equip; Tv Equip 1,753,218,825-9.4
Industrial Machinery, Including Computers 1,695,946,9720.2
Cereals 1,403,873,050165.1
Oil Seeds, Grain, Seed, Fruit, Plants1,166,952,51011.7
Optic, Photo, Med or Surgical Instruments 1,010,686,48722.5
Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts or Other Plant Parts 449,423,990-1.4
Dairy Prods; Birds Eggs; Honey; Ed Animal 364,804,2124.7
Meat And Edible Meat Offal 342,085,814-2.0
Pharmaceutical Products 323,751,45819.3
Source: WiserTrade; US Census Bureau


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