Greater Seattle Partners and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce recently hosted Ambassador Lazarus Amayo to highlight opportunities between the region and Kenya.

“This delegation was GSP’s 14th to the region since June 2021, and in many ways it was the most fulfilling. It is imperative that the U.S. in general, and Greater Seattle in particular, elevate the global conversation with Africa.”

Josh Davis, vice president of global trade and investment, Greater Seattle Partners

Kenya and Greater Seattle have a long history of trade. Over the last decade, trade between Kenya and Greater Seattle has surpassed as much as $500 million annually. Top imports from Kenya include coffee, tea, spices, apparel, wood products and cocoa.

Conversations with Ambassador Amayo expanded far beyond these goods to a vision of what could be. The Ambassador highlighted opportunities for collaboration in Manufacturing, Health and IT. It is clear Kenya in particular, and Africa in general, are ready for further collaboration with Greater Seattle.

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