Josh Davis, vice president of global trade and investment has been appointed by the World Bank Group as Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) Seattle. The World Bank currently maintains a select group of PSLOs in 98 countries. PSLOs serve to facilitate access to World Bank business opportunities and resources while sharing information to the private sector and regional partners. The Seattle PSLO designation is the only one in the Pacific Northwest and will serve to catalyze trade and investment opportunities, both inbound and outbound, between Greater Seattle and the globe.

The World Bank Group consists of five international institutions that grow economies and trade and investment. Currently, 188 countries are members of the World Bank. Typical support consists of loans to countries for projects seeking to increase quality of life.  

“What is so exciting about this opportunity for Greater Seattle is that the programs of the World Bank have expanded past its traditional support for developing economies by also injecting new investment into the U.S. and engaging minority-owned businesses in supplier opportunities.”

Josh Davis, vice president of global trade and investment, Greater Seattle Partners

The World Bank Group provided nearly $100 billion in loans to projects in 2021 through a wealth of resources and programs from which PSLOs inform and cultivate connectivity. World Bank programs especially relevant to Greater Seattle include the Digital Development Partnership, Clean Technology Fund, International Health Partnership, as well as other climate and growth initiatives.

Greater Seattle is a wellspring of innovation and wealth that influences global economic development like no other metro region. GSP’s synergies with the World Bank will grow international opportunities for Greater Seattle companies, and generate global interest for the region. We look forward to working closely with the World Bank Group to help the global economy find innovative solutions to solve our greatest challenges.

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