In early September 2021, Greater Seattle Partners analysis of trade trends were highlighted in the Puget Sound Business Journal where after five years of declines we began to see a reversal as of June ’21.

The annual numbers are in for our region and Greater Seattle’s exports last year increased more than $7.3 Billion globally. This whopping export increase is the result of the Port of Tacoma, Port of Seattle, Port of Everett, and SeaTac International Airport’s combined regional efforts. The second half of the year saw export acceleration as it represented about $4.6 Billion of the $7.3 Billion total export increase.

The global pandemic and supply chain issues are not resolved. The war in Ukraine is redefining alliances both strategic and economic. GSP is tracking these tectonic shifts in 2022 with our Global Trade and Investment Council chaired by Port Commissioner Sam Cho and JPMorgan Vice President Lee Chung.

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