Seattle, Wash. (August 22, 2023) –  Greater Seattle Partners (GSP) today announced that Earth Care Equipments Private Limited, India’s leading manufacturer of Organic Waste Converters, will establish its first North American location in Seattle. Recent Washinton State green initiatives including passage of House Bill 1799 requiring diversion of organic materials away from landfill disposal played a significant role.

“When we set out to identify our next strategic location, we looked for an economically and culturally vibrant region with a deep appreciation and commitment to the environment and sustainability,” said Mrunaal Patil, Director of Earth Care Equipments Private Limited. “We performed a thorough analysis of numerous cities and regions in the Americas, and our team is confident that Greater Seattle is the best choice for this new location. Thank you to Crescendo Worldwide and GSP for helping us with the site selection process.” 

Earth Care’s plans in Greater Seattle include building and training local teams as green-tech warriors to serve on the forefront of operations and maintenance of its installations, investing and installing multiple pilot locations, and building partnerships with existing waste collection/management companies to divert the collected waste to its machines to avoid landfills and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). 

“Our region is a national leader in fighting climate change with diverse public and private partnerships and unprecedented advancements in clean technology across key industry sectors,” said Josh Davis, vice president of global trade and investment of GSP. “Earth Care and its innovative environmental solutions will help our region improve waste management, cut landfill-disposed organic material, and build a more sustainable future.” 

Earth Care’s expansion follows the recent announcement by the State Department and Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India will open a new consulate in Seattle, underscoring the city’s position as a hub for Indian immigrants and businesses. It also marks the third international expansion in the Greater Seattle region as a result of the SelectUSA Spinoff held in Snohomish, King and Pierce County in April of 2023. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, GSP welcomed Earth Care alongside 20 additional companies based in Asia, Europe and North America for the 2-day tour of the region. 


Earth Care specializes in providing complete solutions in composting wet food waste from 25kgs to 25 metric tons per day using its fully automatic Organic Waste Converters. In addition to its composting technology and fertilizers, the company also provides design and construction of small to large-scale containerized biogas plants. Earth Care provides effective after-sales service, annual maintenance contracts (AMC), and end-to-end responsibility of food waste processing for its customers.  The company has a dedicated team of experts who handle the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of its food waste processing machines, as well as guidance and support on how to optimize the performance and efficiency of the system. Earth Care also manages the disposal and recycling of the by-products generated by food waste processing such as biogas, compost and fertilizer. By offering this comprehensive package, the company makes food waste management easy, convenient and hassle-free for its customers, which enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as contributes to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. For more information visit


Greater Seattle Partners (GSP) is a public-private partnership that leads regional economic development through global business attraction, site selection and investment and trade opportunities in the Greater Seattle region. GSP collaborates with community and economic development partners to ensure that every person in the Puget Sound region has the opportunity to prosper. We strive to attract and retain quality family/living wage jobs across all communities of the region. Throughout the world we tell the story of our talent, pioneering spirit, unique communities, and quality of life. For more information visit  


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