Before we get into the final installment of the Uncommon Thinker Awards in partnership with GeekWire, we would just like to say a big, THANK YOU!!! to the entire team at GeekWire for the amazing coordination of the program from the nomination process to the judging to the editorial coverage and, for the big finale, the event planning and programming that went into the Gala where all 6 honorees were recognized. It was an amazing night, and we had so much fun.

Four of our “Uncommon Thinkers,” clockwise from upper left, Dr. Elizabeth Hansen, an attending anesthesiologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital; Shwetak Patel, a University of Washington computer science professor and Google distinguished scientist, Poppy MacDonald, president of USAFacts; and Xiao Wang, the CEO of Boundless, speaking at the GeekWire Gala. (GeekWire Photos / Kevin Lisota)

This article originally appeared in GeekWire.

What does it take to create meaningful change in the modern world? A few ideas:

  • Embrace an “outsider’s perspective” to bring fresh ideas to traditional fields.
  • Tap deeply into your personal experiences to inform and inspire your work.
  • Use data and facts to shape behaviors and outcomes.
  • Capitalize on the human desire for recognition and competition.

Those are some of the insights from GeekWire’s profiles of six “Uncommon Thinkers”: Seattle-area inventors, scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs transforming industries and have a positive impact on the world.

This editorial series, presented in partnership with Greater Seattle Partners, was based on the deliberations of a panel of outside judges who chose the Uncommon Thinkers from nominations submitted by GeekWire readers.

L-R: Greater Seattle Partners Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Lovell with “Uncommon Thinkers” Shwetak Patel, Dr. Elizabeth Hansen, Poppy MacDonald, and Xiao Wang, and GeekWire co-founder John Cook at the GeekWire Gala. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

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