Lifesaving Innovations

Greater Seattle has emerged as a global powerhouse in the life sciences sector, driven by a unique blend of world-class research institutions, innovative biotech companies, and a collaborative environment that fosters groundbreaking advancements. For more than 50 years, the region's life sciences industry has led the way in developing transformative medical breakthroughs to advance global health. With a robust infrastructure, access to top talent, and a supportive community, the region offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and development in the life science sector.

Transformative Medical Breakthroughs

Greater Seattle's life sciences ecosystem is known for delivering lifesaving innovations. The convergence of cutting-edge research institutions, technology disruptors, and a rich ecosystem of more than 1,500 life science companies has elevated the region to be one of the top 10 life science clusters in the nation.
With nearly $1.4 billion in federal life science funding funneled annually into the state's leading research institutions, the region continues to drive advancements that significantly impact global health.

Health Innovation and World-Class Care

Health services is the top industry fueling the Greater Seattle region’s economy. Healthcare and social assistance account for more than 262,500 jobs at the metropolitan statistical area level, with 8% projected growth from 2022 to 2027. The sector's impact is substantial, at $12 billion Gross Regional Product.

We turn mission critical into mission control

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health (VMFH) Mission Control uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide a real-time, holistic picture of what is happening in patient rooms throughout the healthcare system and to predict what's coming and how resources are matched to it.

Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation

Greater Seattle is home to prestigious research institutions such as the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Allen Institute, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. These institutions are at the forefront of pioneering research in genomics, immunotherapy, and precision medicine, attracting top-tier scientists and researchers from around the globe.

The University of Washington, ranked the #1 most innovative public university in the world by Reuters in 2019, has incubated 100 life science companies.

Leading Biotech and Pharma Companies

The region boasts a thriving biotech and pharmaceutical industry, with major players such as Amgen, Juno Therapeutics, and Pfizer (Seagen) leading the way. These companies are driving innovation and creating high-quality jobs while saving lives. Their focus spans various fields, including immunooncology, infectious diseases, and biotechnology, positioning Greater Seattle as a hub for cutting-edge medical advancements. More than 86,000 unique job postings in the industry over the past 12 months highlight the dynamic nature of this sector.

Key Industry Players
These companies and institutions are instrumental in shaping the vibrant life sciences ecosystem in Greater Seattle, contributing to the region's economic growth and innovation:

  • Amazon - A major tech giant headquartered in Seattle, employs thousands in various roles, including in its health and life sciences divisions.
  • Microsoft - Another major tech employer in the region, is heavily involved in AI and health-related technology.
  • University of Washington (UW) - A leading research institution with a substantial number of employees in health, life sciences, and research roles.
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) - A prominent cancer research institution employing a significant number of researchers and support staff.
  • Swedish/Providence Health - A major healthcare provider in the region, employing thousands of healthcare professionals.
  • Philips - A leading company in ultrasound and medical devices, with a large workforce in the region.
  • Pfizer (Seagen) - A major player in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and a key life science employer in the Seattle area employing many in the Seattle area.
  • Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) - Another significant employer in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector.
  • Allen Institute - Including the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and other branches, it employs a significant number of researchers and support staff.
  • AGC Biologics - A key player in biopharmaceutical manufacturing with a substantial workforce in the region.

Supportive Ecosystem and Infrastructure

Greater Seattle offers fertile ground for life sciences startups and established companies alike, supported by a robust funding ecosystem. Venture capital firms, angel investors, and government grants provide substantial financial backing. This healthy funding environment includes support from the National Institute of Health and private foundations, enabling companies to scale their operations and bring innovative solutions to market.

In 2021, over 180 investors poured $5B into 112 Life Sciences deals in Washington State.

Notable Life Sciences Startups in Greater Seattle

Greater Seattle’s rich ecosystem of life sciences startups is the result of a synergistic combination of world-class research institutions, robust funding, strong industry presence, advanced infrastructure, and a culture that fosters innovation. These elements create a supportive environment where life sciences startups can thrive and make significant global health advancements.


Integrates life sciences with AI to advance personalized medicine

A-Alpha Bio

Utilizes synthetic biology for drug discovery

Lumen Bioscience

Develops novel biologics using algae-based platforms


Uses AI to analyze gut microbiome data for personalized health recommendations

Greater Seattle's Thriving Life Sciences Ecosystem

Greater Seattle's outstanding life sciences ecosystem is characterized by its cutting-edge research, robust infrastructure, and collaborative community. With strong support for innovation and a high quality of life, the region is poised to continue its leadership in the life sciences sector, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and development. Whether you are a researcher, entrepreneur, or investor, Greater Seattle is the ideal destination to thrive and make a lasting impact in the field of life sciences.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources

The region is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources that cater to the specific needs of life sciences companies. With 9.34 million square feet of lab and R&D space, advanced laboratories, and research centers, Greater Seattle provides the infrastructure necessary for scientific discovery and commercial success. Specialized incubators and accelerators further support the growth of new ventures.

Collaborative Community: Synergy Between Academia and Industry

One of Greater Seattle's key strengths is the strong connections between academia and industry. Collaborative initiatives and partnerships between universities, research institutions, and biotech companies foster a dynamic environment where ideas can be rapidly translated into practical solutions. Programs such as the Seattle Health Innovation Project and Life Science Washington exemplify this collaborative spirit, driving innovation and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Quality of Life and Talent Attraction

The Greater Seattle region offers a great selection of urban amenities and natural beauty, with abundant recreational opportunities and a high standard of living. Diversity and inclusion are integral to Greater Seattle's identity, contributing to a rich and dynamic workforce. Women make up 45% of Washington's life science industry, one of the highest concentrations of women in a STEM-based industry.